Marketing Services

Marketing Consultancy


I help ambitious growing businesses make their marketing pay. As an objective marketing expert I will help you address a specific issue and deliver a watertight marketing operation that delivers sustainable profit. 

This may range from working out how best to present your products, getting the right marketing tools in place, or configuring a set of marketing activities to promote your brand.

Whether your business is a startup, SME or large corporate, I offer hourly consultancy sessions, half day and day rates to visit your business and provide expert advice from my years of experience.

Strategy & Planning


  If you are struggling to find a clear path forward, have lots of ideas but are not sure how you are going to deliver them a strategic and practical marketing plan will set you apart from your competitors, deliver results for your business and will be the difference between a struggling business and a successful one. 

I will write a strategy that tells you what you need to do to meet one or more of your business objectives. The plan I write for you will provide a step by step guide on how to deliver it. Both should be seen as a key investment for your business.

Digital marketing


  From search to social, web, email, and display, digital marketing is essential for business. It is the shop window to your company and done well can drive tracked, measured and reliable revenue. 

With 14 years experience and an IDM qualification in Digital Marketing I can grow your business online, maximise your return on investment and hold your hand through your digital transformation journey. 

If you want to build your digital standing, navigate GDPR regulations or would like some help with customer journeys and content marketing then I can support you.

Campaign Management & Marketing Automation


 If you are struggling to make an impact with your campaigns, or they are not quite hitting the ROI mark then I can work independently or with your marketing teams and agencies to help promote your business, products and services with robust marketing campaigns. 

Designed based on data and insight and an understanding of your customer needs I can help you build content and plan out customer journeys. 

From basic to sophisticated marketing automation and data integration campaigns I can tailor the plans to your requirements hitting the right channel with the right message at the right time. 

Outsourcing Tool Kit

Marketing outsourcing tool kits

  If you need marketing support, but are not ready to make the investment in headcount then my outsourcing packages can help you. 

Designed specifically for businesses wanting to invest in social media, email and Google campaign management my tailored made packages can support you. 

My skills have been honed on years of rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in. I have experience across a number of different platforms and technologies. 

To discuss how much time and resource you need and how I can help you please get in touch.

Supporting Marketing Teams


 Investing in marketing and building the best team is critical in driving revenue for your business. 

With over 10 years of experience in organisational design, building team skills and capabilities, recruiting, coaching, mentoring, developing and driving engagement I can help your business and your marketing team on their journey to growth. 

My services are tailored to your needs from one off mentoring sessions, to training days and designing organisational structures. 

Contact me to explore how I can help.